The new printed fabrics designed by Marjatta Metsovaara are printed in Aitoo, close to Tampere, in Finland. 
The technique is reactive printing and the colors are fantastic!
The colorful fabrics reflect well Marjatta Metsovaara's designs from the 1960s.

Lappi satin cotton was invented by the engineers at the weaving department at Tampella at the factory in Lappiniemi (Lappi peninsular) and was specially studied for the first reactive printing which was best way to express the artistic values and colors of the print designs Marjatta Metsovaara made for Tampella.

Photos: Production av "Simpukka" ("Shell")

Aitoo is located between Urjalankylä and Tammerfors.

It was in Urjalankylä where Marjatta Metsovaara's father once started up a textile mill, and it was here Marjatta grew up as a child.